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Download my Airfoils Research and Soartech Reports .zip package, 118mb in PDF format. Lots of cool aerodynamic reports, foil plots, research and other nerdy glider information. Click here to download


Watch over a 100 glider related videos on our popular YouTube Soaring Channel. Clips include all of our preview trailers, free how-to tutorials and just cool video footage. Click the graphic or the link to visit our YouTube Channel, or click the individual playlist links below.

Click here to watch our instructional video preview trailers playlist:

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I just started posting some of my best SD & HD videos like Another Day To Race on our new Vimeo channel. Vimeo has no ads or other crap like on Youtube and the video compression for HD material is so much cleaner. It is an all-around a superior viewing experience for my viewers and fans. Click here to go directly to the main page of our Vimeo channel. 



Preview trailer of the newly released Thermal Soaring Master Class #2. Buy It Now!

 Rare footage of my June 2000 dynamic soaring speed record of 173 mph (which seems slow by today's standards) at Kiona Butte, WA. Great super sonic plane sounds and funny spectator comments. Made this edit for current record holder Spenser Lisenby for a talk on DS he's giving in Europe.

Another Unreleased Thermal Soaring Tutorial with Paul Naton - This outtake clip was cut from the Thermal Soaring Master Class.

Prue 215 Glider Flight At Harris Hill 2016 from pnaton on Vimeo.

New Unreleased Thermal Soaring Tutorial with Paul Naton - This outtake clip was cut from the Thermal Soaring Master Class.


New trailer for the Thermal Soaring Master Class!


Euphoria F5J aircam sequence I shot with Mobius cam on a custom mount.

A short clip that was cut from the final version of the training video program the R/C Electric Sailplane Clinic 3. In this clip I show you a few new battery chargers added to my shop including the dual-channel Hitec X2 and the Revolectrix GT500. Details of the charging system of the GT500 are also demonstrated.


Master Power Slope Scale modeler Brain Laird teaches a 30 minute class on how to paint and detail your PSS r/c glider like a pro. This unedited segment is a longer version of the class included in Radio Carbon Art's r/c soaring documentary PSS Masters. This class was held at the 2004 PSS meet at Cajon Pass, California. Shot by Paul Naton. Click here to buy the 2 hour PSS Masters film for only $5.00 or get all 10 of our best glider films for only $29.95, click here.

A short low ceiling cold winter day freestyle flight with my Xplorer X3 F5J. Turbo'd the fuse with Neu 1110 1Y & Revolectrix 2200 3S battery pack. Power is a good thing! 

Here is the preview trailer from my new training video the Electric Sailplane Clinic 3 which is now available. At the end of the trailer is a short preview from the video where I talk about LiPO internal resistance, how to measure it, and how IR determines what the true C discharge rating of a pack is. IR determines how well the pack will deliver its energy to your motor. The C ratings printed on packs are highly over-rated and IR measurements reveal the true capability of the battery. Is my pack big enough? Why did it puff? Why am I getting poor motor performance with this pack?  Click here to order the Download for only $22.95, or click here for the DVD edition for $24.95.

Pro Pilot Paul Naton of Radio Carbon Art productions flying custom 4m span X-Con high -power electric. This video footage shot for Radio Carbon Art's new training video on advanced electric soaring technology, the Electric Sailplane Clinic #3.

Pro Pilot Paul Naton of Radio Carbon Art productions does some test flights of his new Euphoria F5J 4 meter electric sailplane at RCA's test field in Pennsylvania, USA.

Here's the new F3X Building Clinic preview trailer, simply the best and most up to date construction video available.


This tutorial on converting 2S lipos to 1S two cell packs did not make the final cut of the DLG Building Clinic training video. Do not attempt to re-wire LiPo battery packs unless you have good soldering skills and understand the dangers of working with high-energy batteries. If this clip was cut, imagine how useful the tutorials are in the complete 2.5 hour DLG Building Clinic video. The complete DLG Building Clinic training video program is available on DVD or instantly as a high quality DRM-free digital download at this link:


Gliders take off in moderate cross winds while launching for day 3 of the Region 2 SSA multi-class glider race at Mifflin, PA, USA, 5-20-15. Noted gliders are soaring legend Karl Striedieck's Dual Discus and the Pipistrel Taurus micro-light motor glider flown by Hal Loken. Shot and edited by Paul Naton of Radio Carbon Art Productions. Click here to watch in high-def, or click the Vimeo logo on the player window for the full blown or to download the video file for later viewing. Shot at the 2013 SSA Sports Class National Championships at Mifflin County Airport, Pennsylvania. Enjoy!



Watch my latest short film "Another Day To Race" which shows you the ground action of a typical day at a full-scale national soaring championship racing event. Click the HD setting to watch high-def here, or click the Vimeo logo on the player window for the full blown HD experience or to download the video file for later viewing. Shot at the 2013 SSA Sports Class National Championships at Mifflin County Airport, Pennsylvania. Enjoy!

Here is the new preview trailer for our new training video, the Glider Repair Lab #3. This new 2 hour program builds on the skills learned in the first two glider repair labs and teaches even more easy to learn repair techniques to help you fix your broken glider. There is a great tip on how to fix skin delaminations in composite surfaces at the end of the preview.

Click here for the DVD:  Click here for the Download edition:


You can now download a high-quality digital version of Paul Naton's popular Parkzone Radian tune-up and modification video that you can view, copy and transfer to any digital device you own. Click this link to initiate the download of a 300 mb mp4 video file in .zip format: http://bit.ly/1Dp21aH.  This free 30 minute video shows you some modifications and tuning set ups to improve the performance and reliability for the popular electric sailplane trainer  the Parkzone Radian. For instructions on how to download, decompress and use our high quality video files, click here. Watch the streaming YouTube version below.


Listen to our collection of podcasts/interviews with soaring stars and personalities. The podcasts are in MP3 format and run from 45 minutes to 1.5 hours long. When you click on the podcast logo below, you will be taken the Glide Fast Journal Blog page for that podcast, and you can download the file from there. Enjoy!



A 1 hour interview with soaring legend Joe Wurts. 8-7-11.


A 1 hour interview with plane designer and slope pioneer Charlie Richardson of CR AIrcraft.


A 1 hour interview with members of the 2011 US F3K Soaring Team. 8-1-11.


Paul Naton as a guest on the RC Radio Network Weekly show October 2010


Paul Naton & Bruce Davidson talk about the latest trends in HLG/F3K flying and the making of the Master Class DVD.


Paul Naton & Mike Smith talk about the latest trends in soaring, contest flying, and the making of the Master Class DVD.


Paul Naton & world F3J champ David Hobby talk about the F3J worlds and the latest trends in design.


Paul Naton & Mike Smith talk about the 09 F3B worlds the latest in flying and tuning techniques.


Paul Naton & engineer Dave Klein talk about composite structures and how they apply to our sailplanes' design.


Paul Naton & Dieter Mahlein of Shredair talk about slope soaring in South America and Aufwind magazine.




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