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Epic Late Day Solstice Flight With No Thermals

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Had an amazing 33 minute late evening Solstice flight with my Euphoria. Launched at 8:21 to about 170m not expecting a long flight. Cracked a Guinness Tall Boy at 8:22 and then sat back in my camp chair and trimmed for minimum sink to enjoy the celestial start to summer. At the top of the launch there were a few clues that something magical was going on with the air. While absolutely dead calm on the surface, there was a glass smooth West wind up high and I just pointed my nose into it. I down trimmed to just enough to penetrate, and the Euphoria began to climb in camber setting one. Once upwind I felt still better energy, and just weaved a bit cross wind left and right finding more smooth lift which eventually took me up to about 300 meters.

The sun was well behind the mountains now and the ground air was cooling off rapidly, but I could still see the big black silhouette of the Euphoria well enough to try to extend this ridiculous flight as long as possible. At about 30 minutes into the flight, I could feel the conditions change, the upper level breeze got shifty and slackened, and the glider didn't want to turn any more. Finished the last warm swigs of my stout and flew back over my really dark field and in another few minutes had set up for my traditional hand catch. Total flight time of 33 minutes with no thermal turns or even thermals for that matter. I know what was creating the lift, do you? No, it was not a classic 'glass off' late day heat release. 

My Glider: 1975 Hobie Hawk Resto Mod Project

Use The Coupon Code rca10off to get 10% Off Your Video Order Total !   I first saw the Hobie Hawk glider advertised in the surfing and sailing magazines that I was reading when I was fifteen, that's way back in 1975. I always wanted to try RC airplanes since I was a kid, but I [...]

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Dust Buster Turbo Boost Lipo Battery Hack

Use The Coupon Code rca10off to get 10% Off Your Video Order Total !Black & Decker Dust Buster Lithium Battery Upgrade HackI had a classic Black & Decker Dust Buster vacuum in my shop for years as they are great for cleaning up table top debris and sanding dust while working on r/c gliders.The units performance [...]

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Holiday Sale - Save 20% Off All Digital Downloads & DVDs

Use the coupon code soaringsanta to save 20% off all Digital Downloads & DVDs. Just enter the code at checkout. Coupon offer ends Dec. 25th.  Code does not apply to the upcoming Thermal Masterclass #2 or the Master Class set.

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Help Me Create My Next Thermal Video: Pre-Order Now & Get A Great Deal

The first Thermal Master Class has been so successful that I've been working on the next video in the series, the Thermal Soaring Master Class #2. I do need your help though!I'm asking all of my thousands of customers to help me get this film made. All you need to do is to simply pre-order [...]

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ALES & F5J Contest Tips & Lessons Learned By Paul Naton

ALES & F5J Contest Tips & Lessons LearnedBy Paul Naton - Radio Carbon Art ProductionsIn 2016 I won the 'Polecat', a big two-day Altitude Limited Electric Soaring contest (ALES) contest held in south central Pennsylvania. Even though I've been flying contests for over 25 years, I learned a few valuable lessons at this event [...]

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Another Thermal Soaring How-To Tutorial

**Use the coupon code  glide10off at check out and save 10% off your order of DVDs or Digital downloads. Code does NOT apply to the new Thermal Soaring Master Class.Here is a recent flight with my Xplorer 3 F5J with some instructional narration with an onboard camera angle that shows the wing trailing edge working while [...]

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Thermal Soaring How-To Tutorial With On Board Flight Video

Using on board cameras can reveal aspects of soaring flight not always evident on the ground. I've been shooting lots of inflight video lately using the small but HD quality Mobius action cams. They're light and aerodynamic enough to placed just about anywhere on the airframe with out to much degradation of flight performance. It's [...]

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Thermal Soaring Master Class Has Been Released!

My latest training video the Thermal Soaring Master Class is now finished and all back orders will be shipping soon. Digital download links are being e-mailed as well. This is a really deep video that will twist your mind a bit. Theories  broken, new styles set. Order the Thermal Soaring Set, and get the new video [...]

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Pre-Order My New Mind-Altering Thermal Soaring Master Class Training Video for only 14.95!

I've been secretly working on a killer new video, I was going to wait until its done to announce it, but my loyal customers deserve a deal, so the pre-order price for the new video is only $14.95 until April 1st., which is the scheduled release date. You can also become a Patron of my [...]

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